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Windows 11 (codename Sun Valley) is an upcoming personal computer operating system for desktop, laptops and tablets developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family.


The rumors of a possible upcoming major version of Windows was sparkled after a comment from Panos Panay, and Satya Nadella. Talking about a next generation of Windows

The actual development and attempt to make a "next" generation of Windows began by the development of Windows Core OS or project Polaris. Later went into a scrapped project, which would become into Windows 10X. An operating system for dual screen devices that took the elements of Windows Core OS and made it into a lightweight system, bringing this a new design language for Windows, which is Fluent UI. It's implementation on the desktop Windows 10 was the reason behind the cancellation of that project. Leading into the development of Windows 11 in April-May of 2021 after the cancellation of it, taking elements from Windows 10X that was left and initiating it's development privately.

A special event was held on June 24th of 2021 where Microsoft announced Windows 11 officially. Despite Microsoft was doing a great effort to avoid possible leaks prior to the event, the first ever leak of Windows 11 occurred in June 15th of 2021. Showing a new UI, the logo was also redesigned but instead of being the Windows 10 logo it's now a square logo, and more. As it's a version of Windows in development prior to the Insider Preview channel, it was rather incomplete, with many things that resembled Windows 10.

After the announcement of Windows 11 for the Windows event, the first insider build was released in June 28th for people to try the new operating system and it's features, bringing a redesigned taskbar, login screen and further things that wasn't polished or seen on the leaked build.


The operating system went into the phase of criticism because of Microsoft's demanding requirements like having UEFI BIOS or Trusted Platform Module 2.0 which can be found from Intel's 8th gen processors or AMD's 2nd generation Ryzen processors. Microsoft tried to remediate this by explaining that it's for the reliability, security and compatibility sake, despite their backlash they've got.

From the beta builds you can bypass this method by modifying the ISO inserting the install.wim file (file that contains everything to install Windows) into the Windows 10 ISO. Reports have said that Microsoft would ensure nobody could bypass those requirements making it difficult for people to install Windows 11 on their devices ending up buying newer computers that meets those requirements.

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